Sunday, 26 February 2012

Getting there

Hey, we're 16 weeks 2 days and everything is going great. Think I felt the little one flutter a couple of days ago and some proper tumbling going on in there yesterday! The nausea's almost gone, and feeling great at the minute. My bump is quite prominent now and people are starting to notice that I am pregnant and not just fat. Our nuchal translucency results came back as low risk which is brilliant. Not that it would have mattered to my wonderful IP's, they're going to love this baby no matter what!
The only down side of the whole situation is the appointment i had with my consultant a couple of weeks back. He was so out of touch, he called me overweight as my BMI is currently at 31.8 but he failed to notice that for two months prior to conception I was on hormone treatment and I gained almost two stones. I don't always carry this much timber!!!!!!
He also said that at my age, of 39, I'm way too old to be carrying a child. I totally disagree with this statement as I know a lot of women way into their forties that have had very happy healthy pregnancies and gone on to have equally healthy babies.
He also did not seem to grasp the concept of surrogacy, he looked at me as if I had two heads or something when I told him that when the baby is born I will be giving it to it's parents. Some people are such bigots!!!! Luckily I don't have to see him again until 36 weeks or I would be changing consultants.
That's just about enough of me ranting on anyway, there was me telling you that everything was good!!!!!
Speak soon

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